Coronavirus: Allergy or COVID-19 symptoms?

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WATCH: With this being time of year where people who have allergies see more symptoms, it's important to be able to differentiate between allergy and COVID-19 symptoms – May 18, 2020

With the changing of the seasons, people with allergies know it’s the time of year for symptoms to pop up. However, this year it will be important to know how to tell the difference between allergy and COVID-19 symptoms.

People with seasonal allergies know that spring can be a difficult time, as it can trigger a lot of allergy symptoms.

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With the coronavirus now in the mix, being able to tell the difference between the two can be challenging.

“There’s a lot of uncertainty out there with COVID and with symptoms being similar. You want to make sure keep those symptoms are under check with proper treatment,” said pharmacy manager of Pharmasave Stonebridge, Jim Sereda.

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Saskatoon resident Leon Ferguson, who has had allergies all his life, doesn’t take any chances: he contacts a health professional if he is experiencing something unfamiliar.

He says during this time of year, his most common symptom is irritation of his eyes.

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“I think you (have to) know your body,” he said.

He said you have to “be real with yourself” and say, are these allergy symptoms?

“For a guy like me, I’ve had this my whole life, so I kind of know.”

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He adds that taking extra precautions, such as wearing a mask and being on the ball with your allergy medications, can be key. Even keeping everything at home extra clean could help manage one’s allergies.

People with allergies have different degrees of them with different symptoms.

“Runny nose, itchy eyes, possible itchy throat,” Sereda said.

“Some people will get skin reactions where they develop itchy skin and maybe a rash.”

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According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, COVID-19 and allergy symptoms such as tiredness overlap. Dry cough, fever, and trouble breathing are the most common symptoms of COVID-19.

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Itchiness of the eyes, nose and throat, nasal congestion and sneezing are the most common symptoms of those who have allergies.

Anyone with concerns or questions can check out the government of Saskatchewan’s online coronavirus assessment tool kit or call 811.