Kingston, Ont., tenants speak out after deceased fetus found in building

Tenants speak out after deceased fetus found in building
WATCH: Days after a deceased fetus was found in a downtown Kingston apartment building, tenants are now speaking out about the builds issues.

Days after a fetus was found dead in an apartment building stairwell, tenants are speaking out about the issues inside the building.

On Tuesday at around 6:30pm, Kingston police were called to 381 Bagot St. after someone in the building discovered a dead fetus. Multiple tenants say the fetus was found in the eighth-floor stairwell.

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Lydia Ackley, a 10-year tenant of 381 Bagot St., told Global News that investigators have been in the building questioning tenants since Tuesday. She says investigators held pictures of several women and asked her if she can identify them along with asking her to provide a DNA sample.

“I described one girl that did look sort of pregnant and told them of the new people that they have seen in the building, and then they just left it at that, and police asked me if I would be willing to leave a saliva sample,” said Ackley.

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The issues inside 381 Bagot St. have been well-documented over the past few years. In June 2019, Global News spoke to several tenants after the apartment buildings’ mailboxes were vandalized, and mail was allegedly stolen.

Also, tenants showed syringes and drug paraphernalia scattered around the building, including the stairwells.

“Kingston Frontenac Housing needs 24/7 security. I’ve been here for a long time; it’s getting worse and worse,” said Ackley.

“I’ve lived here for a long time, and it was fine in the beginning, but now the police are always here,” said Claudette LaPressee, who has lived in 381 Bagot St. for 14 years.

Global News attempted to contact Kingston Frontenac Housing Corporation about the most recent incident in its building, but they have yet to respond.

As for the investigation into the dead fetus, Kingston police told Global News that the investigation is now a coroner’s case, and police are awaiting the results of the pathologist.

Dead fetus discovered in downtown Kingston building
Dead fetus discovered in downtown Kingston building