Theatre Calgary develops video series to entertain Calgarians amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Theatre Calgary creates new online video series amid the COVID-19 pandemmic. Credit:

Restaurants aren’t the only places offering takeout to Calgarians amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Theatre Calgary is also delivering entertainment to residents, in the comfort of their own homes.

While the organization’s doors may be closed right now, Theatre Calgary has developed, TC Takeout: The Arts Delivered, a new online video series to help bring art to audiences in the city.

“During this very unprecedented time, the arts need to stay alive and they need to stay present,” Theatre Calgary’s artistic director, Stafford Arima said in an interview with 770 CHQR.

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“With TC Takeout, it allows us to deliver art right into your home. It’s a little escapism and a little connection to what people love, which are the theatre arts.”

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The initiative offers artistic episodes to viewers from members of Calgary’s theatre community. So far, the program has launched four episodes, featuring everything from musical performances to makeup tips from artists, Arima said.


“I think we all know the importance of the arts,” Arima said.

“With TC Takeout, what it allows us to do as a theatre company is to connect with our community, not just in Calgary but across the world.”

LISTEN: Theatre Calgary develops video series to entertain Calgarians amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Arima said so far the video series has received a lot of support, and he hopes more artists from the community will jump on board and offer their talents to audiences everywhere.

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“It really allows us to amplify and extend the arts, and connect with people in a way that brings a little smile to their face, or brings an uplifting moment through a song,” he said.

For more information on the series, or to submit a video, visit the theatre’s website.

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