Ontario court dismisses PETA application over anti-Canada Goose ads

Canada Goose parkas hang on display at a store in Richmond Hill. Chris So/Toronto Star via Getty Images

TORONTO – An Ontario court has dismissed an application for judicial review by an animal welfare organization who said its rights to free expression were violated when its anti-Canada Goose ads were taken down in Toronto.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals took the City of Toronto and Astral Media to court after its advertisements on four bus shelters were taken down following a complaint by Canada Goose.

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PETA had sought a court order to replace the ads on the shelters for its original four-week run.

A panel of three judges says it has no jurisdiction because of the contract signed between the parties.


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The judges say the crux of the case falls on a signed contract between PETA and Astral.

They say there are portions of the contract that deals with disputes.

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