Global News Kids – Be a Reporter

Get tips from real Journalists!  Learn to write a News story, how to ask hard-hitting questions and get the facts, or how to build a weather forecast.  Share your video stories on social media using the hashtag #GlobalNewsKids so we can see your work.*

WATCH: Global News reporter Tiffany Lizee shares how she puts together a weather forecast.

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WATCH: Global News reporter Christa Dao shares her top 3 tips for asking great interview questions..

WATCH: Global News reporter Matthew Conrod explains how to get comfortable in front of the camera.

WATCH: Global News Reporter Lauren Pullen talks about using characters and the value of every word in your stories.

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WATCH: Global News Reporter Laurel Gregory explains the basics of news writing with who, what, why, where, and when.

Hey kids we’re busy working on more videos for you. Check back soon!

*Be sure to have your parent’s permission before you share on social media.

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