Winnipeg family hoping to win big on Family Feud

Family Feud contestant Chris Kelman.
Family Feud contestant Chris Kelman. Chris Kelman / Instagram

Only a few months after a Manitoba woman became a viral sensation with her incorrect answer on an episode of Family Feud Canada, another local family is trying to win big on the Canadian version of the iconic game show.

Chris Kelman, a member of Winnipeg’s Ling family, said his experience on the show was a memorable one, although it may not get the same viral success as Eve Dubois of Lorette.

Lorette, Man., family’s ‘chicken’ answer on Family Feud goes viral
Lorette, Man., family’s ‘chicken’ answer on Family Feud goes viral

“I can feel for the Lorette girl there, because you’ve gotta do it quick,” said Kelman.

“You don’t want to get buzzed out — that’s the worst thing ever. They really press you to give an answer… You hit that buzzer and you gotta come up with something quick. It is pretty nerve-wracking.”

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Kelman said he unexpectedly became a contestant on the show when his cousin Curtis Ling called him one day at work and asked if he’d be available for a Skype interview. The interview, as it turned out, was part of the audition process for Family Feud.

“We all jumped at the chance,” he said.

The family, which has won at least $10,000 – although the episodes are pre-recorded, the Lings’ second appearance doesn’t air until Thursday, so Kelman can’t give out any spoilers – is ‘pretty pumped’ about the whole experience.

Kelman said seeing the inner workings of the game show first-hand gave him a greater appreciation for the amount of work that goes into Family Feud’s production.

“It does give me a newfound respect for it,” he said. “It’s a 22-minute show on TV, but it took us close to two hours to film the one episode. That was something that surprised me.”

While they wait for their episodes to air, the family has been keeping its ultimate Family Feud fate close to the vest.

“We all made kind of a pact to keep it secret,” said Kelman. “It was tough to do!”


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