‘The Bachelor’ finale ends with shocking twist

Host Chris Harrison, left, and bachelor Peter Weber. ABC

SPOILER WARNING: Do not read on unless you’ve watched Wednesday’s finale of The Bachelor.

The Bachelor’s two-part finale ended with Peter Weber changing his mind.

Weber had proposed to finalist Hannah Ann Sluss, but during After the Final Rose on Wednesday night, he revealed that he changed his mind one month later.

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With the help of host Chris Harrison, Weber wanted to rekindle his relationship with runner-up Madison Prewett, even if his mother, Barbara Weber, didn’t approve of his choice.

“Realistically, there was no way for me to 100 per cent put all those feelings that I had built up those last two months — those don’t just disappear two days later for an engagement. That’s what I struggled with, for sure,” Weber said to Harrison. “I couldn’t match what [Hannah Ann] was giving me, and that wasn’t fair.”

Typically, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette end with a proposal and footage of the coupe dating between their final week and the live show, but this season included pre-taped footage of Weber’s final week in Australia and his post-proposal breakup with Sluss.

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In the pre-taped footage of Weber and Sluss, he told her: “It kills me to put you through this and see you give everything and have me be where I’m at. I never intended to give my heart to two people.”

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“If you can’t give me that love in return then that’s not a relationship,” Sluss replied through tears.

“You took the most precious moment that I could ever imagine away from me because you selfishly just did not want me to walk away or to send me home, whatever the case would have been,” she told him.

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“I can’t even look at you anymore,” she said before she returned her ring. “I need someone who is going to be true to their words, not be torn and conflicted 90 per cent of the time. Because this affected a lot of people. I don’t need anything more from you. You’ve done enough damage.

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“You took away from me my first engagement,” Sluss said. “You took that away from me because I trusted you.”

Peter’s mother Barbara clapped during Sluss’ speech and exchanged glances as she sat in the audience with her husband.

Prewett had left the show in Part 1 of the finale over she and Weber’s differing beliefs stemming from their faith and approach to sex.

Harrison showed Weber footage of the host secretly travelling to Alabama to sit down with Prewett, where she said she felt she had made a mistake by leaving the show.

“That was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I’ll be the first to admit that if I was presented with the same situation, I would have done things differently,” she told Harrison.

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Harrison told Prewett that Weber proposed to Sluss but that the engagement had ended because he still has feelings for her.

“It breaks my heart. It’s good. It’s a bunch of things,” she replied.

Prewett then travelled to Los Angeles to surprise Weber.

“I looked like I saw a ghost; it was crazy. I hadn’t seen her in three months,” Weber said.

“I still have so much, so much love in my heart for you,” Prewett said to Weber.

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During After the Final Rose, Weber revealed that he and Prewett hadn’t seen each other since that day but that he was still in love with her.

“I love Peter, and that hasn’t changed since that day in Australia,” Prewett said. “I think we were both kind of hoping after that day in Australia that we would be able to have closure and move on, but I think that those feelings just never went away.”

When Harrison asked them about how this is going to end, Weber said: “The way I feel for [Prewett], that’s never changed, and I’ve never lost that. Whatever that means, whatever this turns into, do we have a million and one obstacles? Yeah. Is it all uphill? Probably.”

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When Harrison asked Barbara to weigh in, she said: “It started on a rocky road because she had us wait three hours — she didn’t want to meet us.”

“We had just come across the world and were exhausted,” Barbara continued. “When she did come in, we didn’t get an apology, and when I asked her if she was madly in love with my son, she said no and would not accept a proposal in four days. So how do you expect a mother who loves her son with all of her heart to take that? You didn’t see that. As a mother, that wasn’t what we were expecting. And therefore, when I said I wanted Hannah Ann so badly, we just clicked right away. Unfortunately, we did not have a connection with Madison.”

“I came into this journey and I said I was going to be unashamed of who I am and undeniably myself, and that is something I’ve done throughout this entire journey,” Prewett said in response to Barbara. “I know that I have love and respect for Peter and, therefore, I have love and respect for Peter’s family. I will never say a negative word about anyone or anything.”

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When Weber’s father was asked about his take on his son getting back together with Prewett, Barbara leaned in and said something to him in Spanish.

According to People, Barbara said: “Di algo mal también, ayúdame,” which translates to “say something bad, too, help me” in English.

Peter Sr. came to his wife’s defence and said: “He’s going to have to fail to succeed. That’s it. Chris, all his friends, all his family, everyone that knows him knows that it’s not going to work, so we’ve been trying to help him.”

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Many fans of The Bachelor took to Twitter to discuss Barbara’s reactions during After the Final Rose.

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With Weber’s season of The Bachelor ending, Clare Crawley’s season of The Bachelorette premieres on Monday, May 18.

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