London welcomes fourth cannabis retail store

Friendly Stranger cannabis retail store opens in London, Ont., at 1135 Richmond St. Sawyer Bogdan / Global News

With the official opening of London’s fourth cannabis store, the Forest City is becoming a bit of a hot spot for cannabis retail.

London is now tied with Burlington for third place for the highest number of retail cannabis stores in the province, with Toronto topping the list with 10 and Ottawa coming in second with five.

By comparison, Hamilton only has two, Kitchener has one and Woodstock has none.

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“London is a good market, it’s a growing city with lots of retail and lots of opportunity,” said Friendly Stranger president James Jesty.

“Even just from a geography standpoint, the city is very spread out, so you’re not going to have stores, for the most part, on top of each other.”

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Today was the official opening for Friendly Stranger cannabis retail store, located at 1135 Richmond St. just beside Western University’s Richmond entrance.

A Londoner himself, Jesty said the location was a great opportunity near a key demographic and located on a high trafficked street.

“We only serve people that are of age and are legally able to come into the store, but we know it’s a demographic that consumes cannabis,” he said when asked about the proximity to Western students.

This opening is the first of six cannabis retail stores that the brand is licensing to carry the Friendly Stranger name by spring 2020.


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