Puppy that can’t walk befriends pigeon that can’t fly — and it’s adorable

Click to play video: 'Unlikely friends: Pigeon and Chihuahua pals become social media stars'
Unlikely friends: Pigeon and Chihuahua pals become social media stars
WATCH: An unlikely local duo is getting media inquiries from around the world after a Facebook post celebrating their friendship went viral – Feb 19, 2020

A puppy and a pigeon seem to make an unlikely duo, but not for this popular pair.

While their species’ differences typically set them apart, one commonality brought them close when they first met last Thursday.

Lundy, the newborn chihuahua puppy, can’t use his back legs and Herman, a pigeon, can’t fly after a neurological injury rendered him unable to spread his wings and soar more than a year ago.

Together, they make the best of cuddle buddies.

The two first met at The Mia Foundation, a Rochester, N.Y., animal shelter that rehabilitates animals with birth defects and physical abnormalities.

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The rescue centre shared a series of photos of the animals loving up on each other last week, much to the delight of the internet. In the first snapshot, Lundy and Herman look at each other as though they’ve found their respective soulmates.

In the rest, the pigeon and puppy snuggle with each other. In one, Herman even props himself up on the puppy, who doesn’t seem to mind at all.

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The Facebook post has been shared almost 50,000 times and has garnered almost 20,000 comments and 22,000 reactions.

“I see a new friendship blooming,” the foundation wrote on social media.

Though the new friends are happy as can be, they came from tough beginnings, the non-profit’s founder Sue Rogers told CNN.

Lundy arrived at the foundation in January, weighing only six ounces. He did not have function in his hind legs — a condition known as swimmers syndrome — so his breeders in South Carolina sent him to Rogers, she told CNN.

He was so tiny he could fit inside a shirt pocket.

Herman was found in the parking lot of a car dealership, immobile for three full days before his rescuers realized he couldn’t fly. Wildlife rescues wouldn’t take him in, so Rogers did.

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When Rogers was tending to Lundy, she set him down beside the bird. They immediately snuggled up together and she quickly snapped the photos that captured hearts worldwide.

“[It’s] unbelievable that a simple, cute picture would go this crazy,” Rogers told NBC-affiliate WHEC-TV.

Though it may just be one story of inter-species love, the shelter founder believes the world is in dire need of these kinds of stories.

“I think the world needs good stories and when you have two species that basically fall in love, it can only touch hearts.”


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