Man takes bath in Wendy’s industrial sink, says it ‘feels like a hot tub’

Click to play video: 'Man takes a bath in a Wendy’s industrial sink'
Man takes a bath in a Wendy’s industrial sink
WATCH: This video originally shared on Facebook by Connor Somerfield, shows a man sitting inside a Wendy's industrial sink, surrounded by water full of soap suds. – Feb 13, 2020

Most people go to Wendy’s for a burger and fries. One person went for a bath.

Video footage posted online shows a man sitting in the fast food chain’s industrial-sized sink, surrounded by water full of soap suds. “It feels like a hot tub,” the man says, while others laugh in the background.

While it’s not known whether the man in the tub was a Wendy’s employee, a staff member can be seen throwing something into the sink, yelling: “Wash yourself!”

The video was originally shared on Facebook by user Connor Somerfield on Tuesday. It appears he recorded his screen while watching the video on his phone.

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“I’m just going to tell everyone right now, don’t go to the Greenville (Mich.) Wendy’s. This is disgusting. Please share this,” he captioned the video.

It was quickly shared on the Facebook group Greenville Matters — Un-Censored, by user Matthew Pinckney, with the caption: “Definitely Greenville for you. Gross.”

The man isn’t wearing a top and his bare knees can be seen. It’s unclear whether he’s wearing pants.

“This egregious behavior is completely unacceptable and counter to our safety, training and operational standards,” a spokesperson for the company that owns this particular Wendy’s location said in a statement to West Michigan’s Fox17.

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“Upon learning of this situation, all employees in the video were terminated immediately and the restaurant is being completely sanitized.”

Others didn’t seem so bothered by the sudsy situation.

“We all swam together in lakes and we did in mud puddles when we was kids,” one person commented. “Guess what? We’ve all had ass water not by choice. Here we are, still alive.”

One said: “Stop the drama. It’s not hurting a thing. It’s soap and water. It will clean,” while another commented: “Don’t see a problem. It’s soap. Maybe dude needed a bath? He’s in a sink and not the frier. [sic]”
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Some took huge issue with it, though.

“The most stupid and childish disgusting thing I have ever seen,” one person commented. “And they’re supposed to be adults.”

An alleged former employee of the location took to the Facebook comments, writing: “I used to work there. Don’t eat from there. Honestly, it’s bad.”

Another said: “Plain and simple this is f—king nasty and wrong on so many levels.”

According to the Daily News from Montcalm and Ionia counties, Mich., the health department visited the location on Wednesday and didn’t report any violations.

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The company that owns the Wendy’s wouldn’t confirm whether or not the person in the tub was an employee.


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