Glockenspiel set to return to City Square Plaza in June

Work to return the Glockenspiel to the northeast corner of City Square Plaza will begin next week and is expected to be completed in June. Courtesy / Regina Leader-Post

The glockenspiel is returning to Regina’s Victoria Park after years of absence.

In 2010, the city removed the glockenspiel during the creation of City Square Place. Ten years later, work on returning it to the northeast corner of the plaza begins next week.

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The city says restoring the structure includes “rebuilding the pedestal and installing a master control system that programs the glockenspiel using modern technology.”

Both the base and controller are being built to withstand prairie temperatures, ensuring “a lasting presence as a landmark at the heart of the city.”

The city allocated $350,000 to its replacement in the 2018 budget.

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The glockenspiel “commemorates the contributions of Regina’s German and multicultural communities to the city’s growth and development.”

The city says it’s “a symbol of our community’s diversity and sharing of ethnic traditions.”

The glockenspiel is expected to be completed in June.

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