Video shows bystanders lifting SUV off woman in NYC traffic collision

Passers-by lift SUV and rescue trapped women
WATCH: Individuals who were passing by stopped and rushed to help a woman who was trapped under an SUV in Manhattan on Jan. 26.

A group of people banded together to rescue a woman trapped underneath an SUV on Sunday in New York City.

In video footage shared by Twitter user Colby Droscher and verified by Storyful, a woman can be seen lying motionless underneath a vehicle after having just been hit in the Lower East Side.

Within a minute, dozens of people are at the side of the automobile, lifting it up with brute strength to help free the injured pedestrian. The SUV is tilted, and she gets pulled out from under it.

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“She’s out,” one man can be heard yelling in the video.

According to New York Daily News, police said the 65-year-old driver was making a right turn when the vehicle hit a 25-year-old pedestrian.

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In another tweet right after the video, the woman is shown lying on her back in the street, holding her phone up while surrounded by first responders.

Witness Colby Droscher shared a photo of the victim on her phone shortly after being rescued.
Witness Colby Droscher shared a photo of the victim on her phone shortly after being rescued. Colby Droscher/Instagram

Droscher also shared the footage on Instagram.

“Just now at Delancey and Norfolk in the Lower East Side an accident ran over a pedestrian trapping them under an SUV,” Droscher wrote on Instagram. “Onlookers just lifted the SUV, dragging the victim out.”

The New York resident said people jumped in to help the trapped woman very quickly.

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“As I approached there were big crowds forming all around the intersection,” he told the New York Post. “All of a sudden everyone ran to lift the car. It all happened so fast.”

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According to a New York City Fire Department spokesperson, the woman was transferred to Bellevue Hospital, but her condition is unclear.

According to WLWT-TV, the driver was reportedly given a summons for failing to yield.