Crown begins closing arguments in Edmonton nightclub consultant’s sexual assault trial

Closing arguments continue for McKnight trial
WATCH: The Crown started its closing arguments in the Matthew McKnight trial. The former Edmonton nightclub promoter is accused of sexual assault. Sarah Komadina has more.

In its closing arguments, the Crown focused on the reliability of memories, trying to convince an Edmonton jury Matthew McKnight is guilty of 13 counts of sexual assault.

The incidents allegedly happened between 2010 and 2016 when McKnight was a nightclub consultant.

Defence lawyer Dino Bottos argued each encounter was consensual and not forced. He also questioned the credibility of the complainants.

Bottos spent days to present his arguments.

READ MORE: Closing arguments continue in Edmonton nightclub consultant’s sexual assault trial

Saturday, the Crown called into question McKnight’s memory of the nights in question. McKnight had called them typical nights, but the Crown said, “McKnight sounded like a video recording.” His accounts were too descriptive, and therefore unbelievable.

Prosecutor Katherine Fraser said McKnight can remember exactly how many drinks he had on a specific night from years ago, and said that is not how people remember a “typical” night.

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Fraser told the jury the level of detail of these nights were carefully woven, and called McKnight’s descriptions of the events a script.

The Crown also went through each complainants’ testimony and circumstantial evidence they provided, and said there are many details that line up with the women who came forward.

The Crown will continue its closing arguments Monday.