Regina Humane Society removes hundreds of quills from ‘curious’ rural pup

Flynn, three days after intake. Photo provided by the Regina Humane Society

The Regina Humane Society says they’re cautiously optimistic that a rural dog that was recently attacked by a porcupine will be all right.

Flynn, a Labrador mix, was brought into the Regina Humane Society earlier this week covered in quills, after being found in rural Saskatchewan.

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It took hours for a team of veterinarians to remove hundreds of quills from the stray dog’s face, tongue and body.

“Animals are curious, especially young animals, and he was curious about a porcupine and got the bad end of it,” said Lisa Koch, executive director of the Regina Humane Society.

Porcupine quills can be life-threatening for animals, as was the case for Flynn, who is six months old.

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“It’s not as simple as pulling quills out,” Koch said. “They’re barbed and can travel in naval cavities and lungs.”

Because of their structure, they tend to push deeper into the animal’s body over time.

Hundreds of porcupine quills removed from Flynn. They lay in a bowl post-surgery. Photo provided by Regina Humane Society

The Regina Humane Society says they remain hopeful Flynn will make a full recovery.

“Even with a face full of quills, he’s a happy boy. It gives me an idea of the temperament of the dog,” Koch said.

“Despite being in pain he was happy to be around people.”

The Regina Humane Society says they wouldn’t have been able to help Flynn without the community’s support. Donations over the holidays funded Flynn’s life-saving surgery.

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“We always need more help for when the next Flynn comes along,” Koch said.

Flynn is likely to be put up for adoption once he makes a full recovery.

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