Manitoba in for a serious cold snap starting this weekend

Winnipeg, Manitoba. Ginger Tetreault/submitted

Temperatures through the end of November have generally been mild, and it’s the same story with the early days of December. Starting this weekend, that is about to change.

Winnipeg’s daytime highs from Nov. 2019 through Dec. 2019. Global News

Cold temperatures will descend upon northern Manitoba this weekend with Sunday mornings temperatures dropping down to, or below -30 C.

Environment and Climate Change Canada is expecting wind chill values at this time to be between -40 and -45 around the north.

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The criteria for Extreme Cold Warnings to be issued for most of the north is wind chill values of -45 or colder for at least two hours so there is the chance of these warnings being issued for Sunday morning.

GFS Model’s forecasted temperatures for Sunday Dec. 8, 2019. Global News

Around southern Manitoba, it will take one more day before the serious cold sets in. Cold, arctic air will continue south Sunday.

Temperatures are likely to stay flat or fall through the day around Winnipeg and much of southern Manitoba to the point where Monday morning, temperatures will be in the mid -20s and could be even cooler on Tuesday morning.

GFS Model for temperatures Dec. 10, 2019. Global News

Wind chill values in southern Manitoba early next week will be getting close to Extreme Cold Warnings criteria (wind chill values of -40 or colder for at least two hours).

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Looking at Winnipeg, but this will be very similar for much of southern Manitoba, overnight temperatures Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning will be around -25 C to -30 C or perhaps slightly colder. Daytime highs on these days will be up to around -20 C.

It looks like all of next week will be ‘below seasonal’ to put it mildly, but more than that, this will be the first blast of cold weather, just ahead of the official start of the winter season.

Winnipeg’s 7 day forecast from Dec. 5, 2019. Global News

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