‘It was fully engulfed’: Vehicle goes up in flames on KLO Road

Kelowna resident Keaton Hubner describes rushing out of his apartment without any shoes to try to extinguish a neighbour's car fire.

It was a startling night for one Kelowna resident, who looked out of the window when he heard a car alarm going off and saw his neighbour’s vehicle going up in flames.

Keaton Hubner said he grabbed his keys and a fire extinguisher before sprinting down the stairs.

“I lose my shoes on the way, and I hop the fence and jump over, and I’m like two feet away from it, and I empty the extinguisher,” he said.

“And then I realized it wasn’t doing anything, and I backed off and then firefighters came up and continued to put it out.”

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Emergency crews rushed to the 900-block of KLO road shortly before 9 p.m.

The red Ford Focus was fully engulfed in flames by the time firefighters arrived, Keaton said.

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Nobody was injured in the fire, according to officials at the scene.

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The car appeared to be a writeoff.

RCMP at the scene said the blaze is not considered suspicious.