New Brunswick hit-and-run victim asking for public’s help to find driver

New Brunswick man back on his feet after hit and run incident
WATCH: A man was left with a concussion and several broken bones after a hit and run incident. As Megan Yamoah reports, police are now asking the public for help finding the driver.

An evening stroll last month almost turned deadly for one New Brunswick resident.

Just before sunset on Oct. 30, Jeremie Cormier left his home in Geary, N.B., to walk his dog Caesar when he was hit by a car and thrown into a ditch.

He has no recollection of the incident and credits his dog for saving his life.

“From what I was told when I was hit my dog was walking around the road and somebody stopped to pick up my dog and then my dog led them to me,” said Cormier.

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The people that found him called 911 and Cormier was taken to the hospital where he had a long list of injuries.

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“I got road rash on the back of my left leg, I also have whiplash, my MCL is pulled, I have a broken arm, an orbital fracture on the right side of my skull, a couple shattered teeth, concussion and amnesia,” said Cormier.

When Cormier regained consciousness his family and friends were at his bedside, rattled by his condition.

“It was very scary, it was surreal, I was in a panic and wondering how does this happen to somebody you know,” said Christine Wagorn, Cormier’s roommate.

Oromocto RCMP is investigating and they have not been able to get a description of the vehicle or driver.

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Cormier made a Facebook post asking for anyone with information to come forward. It now has almost 2,300 shares.

“I figured if somebody would feel safer to just talk to me and keep their name out of it then maybe we could find the person that did this and bring them their justice,” said Cormier.

Jeremie Cormier’s Facebook plea for information
Jeremie Cormier’s Facebook plea for information. Facebook / Jeremie Cormier

Over the next few months Cormier will undergo intense physiotherapy.

“We’re there for him in every step of his recovery, bringing him to his appointments making sure he’s comfortable and has everything he needs,” said Wagorn.

Family appealing for driver to come forward in fatal Parksville hit-and-run
Family appealing for driver to come forward in fatal Parksville hit-and-run

Cormier has a message for the driver that hit him.

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“I understand if you made a mistake and you’re scared but it takes two seconds to call 911 and say you found someone on the side of the road. At least don’t leave somebody for dead. On your part buddy you’re wrong,” said Cormier.

Anyone with information on this incident is being asked to contact Oromocto RCMP or crime stoppers.