Public use of dumpster costs Edmonton senior more

Public use of dumpster costs Edmonton senior more
WATCH: An Edmonton senior is sharing her frustration after seeing video of two people unloading junk into her disposal bin.

An Edmonton senior is sharing her frustration as she is now on the hook for additional dumping fees.

“They renovated probably a whole bathroom. There [are] bathtubs, there [are] vanities, aluminum doors with great big windows busted and eavestroughs and all kinds of glass,” said property owner Lache Shantz on Sunday.

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Shantz shared how two people unloaded unwanted junk into a bin she rented — information she received from her neighbour who shot video.

“My husband was going to work and told me that something was going on in back alley: a truck was dumping in the neighbours dumpster. I just went up to the second floor and thought I’d better tape it because I didn’t think it should be happening,” neighbour Kelly Bergquist said.

Shantz, already paying hundreds of dollars for the bin rental itself, is now on the hook to pay for the extra weight.

“People are coming and going through the dumpster, and I’ve got some [garbage] on the ground, and I don’t know who’s going to pick it up. I’m 80 years old and I didn’t need all this,” Shantz said.
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While she has filed a complaint with 311 for investigation, Shantz is hoping the individuals will come forward to help her pay for what isn’t all hers.

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As for Bergquist, she is just glad she was able to lend her support.

“Its just kind of annoying because Clover Bar is so close. It’s like less than 20 minutes. They could have just [driven] their garbage there instead of just dumping it on someone else’s property,” Bergquist said.

The fine for illegal dumping ranges from $250 to $10,000.