Cineplex set to open 4DX in Edmonton, featuring moving seats, special weather and scent effects

Click to play video: 'Cineplex set to open up ‘4DX’ sensory theatre in Edmonton' Cineplex set to open up ‘4DX’ sensory theatre in Edmonton
WATCH: Cineplex gave Global News a sneak preview of its new 4DX auditorium at the company's West Edmonton Mall location – Oct 23, 2019

Cineplex is set to open a new experience in Edmonton that aims to bring moviegoers even closer to the action.

The company has added a 4DX auditorium at its Scotiabank Theatre in West Edmonton Mall, which adds motion-synchronized seats and special effects like wind, fog, rain, and scents.

“We’re really excited,” Cineplex’s communications director Sarah Van Lange said Wednesday.

“Imagine being fully immersed in the action in the big screens through rain, through fog, through smoke, through wind, and through scents.

“If say, the two actors are — it’s the morning and they’re having their coffee, there’s the smell of coffee that comes through,” Van Lange said.

Cineplex hopes to open the auditorium sometime during the week of Oct. 27 but hasn’t set a specific day yet.

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This is the third 4DX auditorium the company has launched in Canada, with the other two located in Toronto and Calgary.

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Bubbles are one of the many effects that the 4DX theatre will feature. Dayne Winter / Global News

South Korean company CJ 4DPlex created the technology in 2009 with the hope that more people would switch off their big-screen TVs and return to the cinemas.

Cineplex also announced that its South Edmonton Common, north Edmonton and Sherwood Park locations will have all theatre seats replaced with recliners in 2020.

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