Pointe-Saint-Charles community comes together to re-paint defaced mural

The Pointe-Saint-Charles community came together to re-paint a defaced mural, Oct 12, 2019. Dan Spector / Global News

Dozens of people in Pointe-Saint-Charles came together Saturday to re-paint a mural that was defaced by graffiti last week.

“Almost 50 people came by today and the response is really good,” said Margot Silvestro, one of the original artists who painted the mural on Knox in 2013. “People told us they love the mural and they are happy to re-paint it.”

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The vast, colourful mural that pays homage to the area and its Indigenous roots had been covered by black and white graffiti.

People of all ages living near the mural got together to nurse it back to life using pictures of the mural from before it was tagged.

Though it was frustrating for many to see their beloved mural attacked, they were heartened by the show of support from the community.

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“It’s an opportunity to bring people back together. People are talking on the wall, working, meeting up, so I think it shows community strength, solidarity, happiness,” said Silvestro.

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Some parents painted alongside their children.

“Instead of playing video games, I decided to get off the games when my mom came in,” said 14-year-old Caleb MacGregor. “My friends came over and then we all came and painted it.”

The painting continues on Sunday, and all are invited to come help.

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