Financial struggles lead to staffing cuts at Edmonton addictions recovery centre

Financial struggles lead to staffing cuts at addictions recovery centre in Edmonton
WATCH ABOVE: Residents at an Edmonton addictions facility are worried about their programs after three staff members were let go this week. Tom Vernon reports.

Residents at Our House Addictions Recovery Centre in Edmonton are concerned staffing cuts will have an impact on the programs they’re receiving, and are hopeful the UCP government will help the facility out through increased funding.

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The centre offers a year-long residency program for men struggling with addictions.

“This program is, by far, one of the most in depth that I’ve encountered,” said David Olchowecki, who is currently going through the program.

Olcohowecki said clients found out this week two counselors, plus an overnight staff member, were let go due to financial shortfalls.

“As of right now, they’ve had to take a step back for the next couple of days as they try and figure out exactly how to schedule all the programs that are there.”

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The facility receives funding from Alberta Health, and also does fundraising, but margins are tight. Needed renovations to the kitchen also took a big bite out of the bottom line.

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The UCP government has promised to increase addictions recovery supports in Alberta, committing to 4,000 additional spaces.

Facilities will soon be required to have a government-issued licence to operate. At that point, funding decisions will be made and Our House will have an opportunity to make its case.

“They compete to get the best proposal, and whoever fits into the standard we set will receive the funding from us,” said Associate Minister of Mental Health and Addictions Jason Luan.