Here comes the bear: Furry wedding guest crashes Tennessee couple’s nuptials

A black bear walked down the aisle of a Tennessee couple's wedding. GypsySoul Photography & Salon

A furry wedding crasher made a surprise appearance at a Tennessee couple’s wedding over the weekend in what proved to be the “most adventurous photo session” professional photographer Leah McMahan Edmondson had ever done.

Edmondson said everything was going according to plan that day.

She did the typical ritual of family and bridal party pictures before dismissing everyone to go to the reception to eat.

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“I had the bride and groom with me starting to shoot when we all noticed this bear,” she told Global News. “He turned and started down the aisle.”

The GypsySoul Photography & Salon owner said she just wanted to “get the shot.”

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The couple posed for photos before realizing a bear was in the background. GypsySoul Photography & Salon

“Being scared didn’t cross my mind,” she continued. “However, when I stood up, he made a huffing sound at me and started towards me.

Luckily, no one that day was injured, but the event made for some interesting photos.

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Edmondson managed to get some shots of the black bear taking its own walk down the aisle.

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A photograph of the newlywed couple featured the curious animal sniffing around in the background.

The bear retreated back into the woods after taking a look around the wedding grounds. GypsySoul Photography & Salon

When working in the natural environment, it’s sometimes inevitable that wildlife will make appearances.

A Michigan couple were taking beach engagement photos back in July when a deer thought it appropriate to pop by.

A deer photobombed Jakob Lee and Colbie Wakeley’s engagement photos. Annabelle Clark
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Jakob Lee, 25, got down on one knee to propose to his girlfriend of nearly three years, Colbie Wakeley, 23. But what happened after the initial sweet moment was something of a fairy tale.

The deer seemed quite “fawnd” of the couple as they attempted their blissful photo shoot, popping its antlered head into the frame at an opportune moment.

But instead of shooing it away, the fun-loving duo rolled with it, resulting in an adorable series of photos to add to their memory book.

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