Deer casually photobombs Michigan man’s marriage proposal

A deer made a surprise entrance during Jakob Lee and Colbie Wakeley's engagement photo shoot. Annabelle Clark

A Michigan couple were caught in the headlights when a deer photobombed their engagement photos on Wednesday night.

Jakob Lee, 25, got down on one knee to propose to his girlfriend of nearly three years, Colbie Wakeley, 23. But what happened after the initial sweet moment was something of a fairy tale.

The deer seemed quite “fawnd” of the couple as they attempted their blissful photo shoot, popping its antlered head into the frame at an opportune moment.

But instead of shooing it away, the fun-loving duo rolled with it, resulting in an adorable series of photos to add to their memory book.

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“We went to take pictures inside the candlelit heart. That’s when the deer came up to us,” the couple explained to MLive. “He just started smelling the candles.”

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“We had heard the story of the deer coming down to people on the beach and being really friendly. We were amazed it actually happened to us,” Jakob added.

A deer photobombed Jakob Lee and Colbie Wakeley’s engagement photos. Annabelle Clark

The rare animal encounter, he said, added a little something endeering to their already very special day.

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“At this point, the deer became a part of the engagement. No one was trying to get him out of the pictures,” he continued to the Michigan-based publication. “It made it almost that much more special that something this rare occurred.”

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Apparently, this particular deer has a history of roaming the dunes, and an affinity for the spotlight. It was first seen on the shore on July 6, when it sauntered up to a family sunbathing by the water.

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While authorities have reportedly thought about tranquilizing the deer to move him to a safer place, the forest creature has made it clear it’s here to stay.

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