‘Indulge my craziness for a bit’: Alberta father speaks at sentencing for sexually assaulting daughters

Click to play video: 'Alberta father speaks at sentencing for sexually assaulting daughters' Alberta father speaks at sentencing for sexually assaulting daughters
WATCH: It was a bizarre and emotional day in an Edmonton courtroom Tuesday as a father who admitted to sexually assaulting his daughters spoke for the first time. In a long and rambling statement, he defended his actions. Breanna Karstens-Smith explains – Sep 17, 2019

An Alberta father made a lengthy, rambling speech in court Tuesday ahead of his sentencing for sexually assaulting his three daughters.

The Evansburg man, who cannot be identified in order to protect his victims, was arrested in 2016 and faced more than 40 charges. In February, he pleaded guilty to 10 charges.

In an agreed statement of facts, he admitted to repeatedly sexually assaulting the girls. On two occasions, he allowed men he met online to sexually assault his oldest daughter. He recorded one of the encounters on video.

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On Tuesday, the man stood in front of the court wearing a black t-shirt, black pants and shackles around his ankles. He clutched dozens of pages filled with tightly typed rantings which he read from for nearly two-and-a-half hours.

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He said he was “literally screaming on the inside ‘let me tell you the truth,'” during the court proceedings.

“The system seems like it was made to endorse a witch-hunt,” he said. Adding, “it really feels like a two-tier system that only caters to those that claim to be victims.”

He then asked Justice Vital Ouellette to “indulge my craziness for a bit.”

The father launched into a bizarre challenge to the media asking that they organize polygraph tests for himself and his family. He requested they publish the full results from said test. Media in attendance agreed that would not take place.

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Targeting his family, the man in his 40s said he was embarrassed by them and their actions.

“This is not about hurting you, this is not about embarrassing you. This is about saving you, the ones I love,” he said of his speech filled with biblical verses.

At one point, six security guards watched on as the man, who has been in custody since 2016, spoke of suicidal thoughts.

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For the most part, Justice Ouellette sat stone-faced during the diatribe. At one point he stopped the man from speaking to and about lawyers.

“You said you would be respectful, I’m not sure you have been,” said the judge noting how much time had been taken.

After a short break, the father wrapped up by defending his actions.

He said he and one of his daughters had taken vows and that, in the eyes of God, she was his wife. While he refused to apologize for what he did, he acknowledged his guilty plea.

“My actions are contrary to the laws, so therefore I accept the decision,” he ended by thanking the judge.

Court was adjourned until Thursday when sentencing is expected.

Crown prosecutors are asking for the man to serve 29 years in prison. Defence is arguing for between 16 and 18 years.

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