Dozens of properties hit in Edmonton graffiti spree

WATCH ABOVE: Edmonton police are looking for a group of female suspects after a string of vandalism over the weekend. Graffiti stretched several blocks and damaged dozens of properties. Breanna Karstens-Smith reports.

Dozens of central Edmonton residents were left with a big cleanup on Monday after a graffiti spree over the weekend.

According to police, there were about 20 tags throughout the McQueen neighbourhood. Residents believe there were more.

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The vandalism happened around 108 Avenue at 146 Street, 109 Avenue at 144 Street and 111 Avenue near 138 Street. Most of the tagging took place in back alleys.

“It’s hard to believe people do that,” resident Jim Cameron said. “It’s terrible.”

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Cameron’s garage was one of those that was spraypainted.

The tagging included random words, phrases, symbols, swears and names. For the most part, the graffiti was left on garages, fences and signs.

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In one case, a family found a smiley face on the door of their white SUV Saturday night. They cleaned it up, only to find it done again the next day.

The word “rapist” was also written on their company van, though it was misspelled.

A company vehicle was vandalized in the McQueen neighbourhood.
A company vehicle was vandalized in the McQueen neighbourhood. Supplied, Julia Biederstadt

“I can’t imagine him driving through town with that,” Julia Biederstadt said of her father’s van. “It’s pretty awful. And it’s, you know, your personal property.”

Police were called to the area at around 2 a.m. on Monday morning. Residents told officers they had seen a group of girls doing the tagging but no arrests were made.

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“Before the graffiti, we’ve just been experiencing a lot of petty theft, a lot of break-ins, people entering backyards and garages. We’ve had to be very vigilant,” Biederstadt said.

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Edmonton police obtained surveillance video from the area and said they are still investigating.

Anyone with information is asked to call police or CrimeStoppers.