2019 Canada election results: Surrey Centre

Liberal Randeep Singh Sarai has been re-elected in Surrey Centre, earning 37.4 per cent of the vote.

Sarai fought off the NDP’s Sarjit Singh Saran, who had set his sights on the riding as one of the New Democrats’ best chances south of the Fraser River. Conservative Tina Bains finished third.

Surrey Centre is a diverse seat, with a little bit more than a third of residents identifying as South Asian, while a little less than a third identify as being of European descent.

Four years ago, part of the Liberal breakthrough in British Columbia included huge growth in Surrey. Sarai quit working as a lawyer to run for the party and won the seat with 19,471 votes (45.1 per cent) four years ago.

The riding has been redistributed many times over the decades because of huge population growth in Surrey. But the Liberal breakthrough in the region in 2015 was the first time a majority of people in Surrey Centre had been represented by the party.

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Looking back at the area, there have been NDP, Canadian Alliance, Reform and Conservative MPs.


Liberal: Randeep Sarai
Conservative: Tina Bains
NDP: Sarjit Saran
Green: Not yet nominated
People’s Party of Canada: Jaswinder Singh Dilawari
Christian Heritage: Kevin Pielak


The riding is in the City of Surrey and runs from 88 Avenue north to the Fraser River.


South Asian: 41,515: 35.1 per cent
European: 36,890: 31.2 per cent
Filipino: 10,710: 9 per cent
Chinese: 6,800: 5.7 per cent

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