2019 Canada election results: Vancouver Kingsway

Don Davies of the NDP has been re-elected in Vancouver Kingsway, earning 48.9 per cent of the vote.

Davies won his fourth straight term despite a strong Liberal push with candidate and former television broadcaster Tamara Taggart, a familiar face the Grits hoped would win the riding back for the party. Taggart finished with 23.2 per cent of the vote, just ahead of Conservative candidate Helen Quan.

There was a time when Vancouver Kingsway was a Liberal riding before Davies snatched it for the NDP in 2008. The 56-year-old has been busy in Ottawa, often ranking in the top five in terms of introducing private members legislation and engaging in debate in the House of Commons.

So far Davies work in Ottawa has paid off at the doorsteps. Four years ago he secured 20,763 votes (45.7 per cent) to beat Liberal candidate Steven Kou by more than 8,000 votes. Kou received 12,625 votes (27.8 per cent), finishing ahead of Conservative Jojo Quimpo, who got 9,538 votes (21 per cent).

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Before Davies, the Liberals held onto in four straight elections starting in 1997. The party tallied between 14,000 and 21,000 each time.


NDP: Don Davies
Liberal: Tamara Taggart
Conservatives: Helen Quan
Green: Lawrence Taylor
People’s Party of Canada: Ian Torn


The riding runs west to east from Main Street to Boundary Road. The northern and southern boundaries have some small detours, but the riding mostly runs along 16 Avenue on the north and 41 Avenue on the south.


Chinese: 37,355, 36 per cent
European: 32,905, 32 per cent
Filipino: 12,975, 13 per cent
South Asian: 7,085, 7 per cent

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