Brian Pallister promises to serve entire term if elected Sept. 10

Premier Brian Pallister says if the Tories are elected next week in Manitoba, he will serve his full term, dispelling rumours he will duck out halfway through.

Dispelling rumours of plans to bow out midway through a second term, Brian Pallister says he will serve an entire second term if the Tories are elected next week in Manitoba.

In a sit-down interview one-on-one with 680 CJOB on Tuesday, Pallister responded “absolutely” when asked if he will serve the full term.

“I’ve never been more possessed with a sense of purpose,” Pallister said.

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“As long as Manitobans want me and I have a sense they need me, I would be honoured to continue to dedicate myself to helping Manitoba get stronger and better.”

Pallister also said he would love to debate the other leaders, including NDP Leader Wab Kinew, but said campaigning has changed.

“I am going out to Manitobans,” Pallister said, adding he is going out to 50 Manitoba ridings.

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“You got to get with the new way of campaigning, this is the new way… this is about getting out to Manitobans.”

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Pallister has done only one debate during the campaign, a 50-minute leaders debate that featured awkward and sometimes hostile exchanges between the leaders.  The Progressive Conservative leader declined to participate in the Decision Manitoba 2019 Leaders Debate on 680 CJOB and the Winnipeg and Brandon Chambers debates.

“You think I’m afraid of a debate? I’m afraid of not getting out to Manitobans that right way and going hard.”

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Pallister admitted he’s not always well liked.  Pallister said he will continue to make the tough decisions to balance the provincial budget, trim the number of school divisions and realign healthcare, especially in rural Manitoba, and called it “tough love.”

Election day is Tuesday, Sept. 10.  Manitobans can vote in an advanced poll until Thursday.