2019 Canada election results: Outremont

Global news has declared Liberal incumbent Rachel Bendayan the winner in the Outremont riding with 45.4 per cent of the vote.

Outremont has been a Liberal district except in 1988–1993 and 2007-2018  when the Conservatives and the NDP were in power.

Boundaries: The University of Montreal is at the centre of this riding, which borders along Parc du Mont-Royal.

Last election: Outremont elected Bendayan in a federal by-election in February 2019 with 40.43 per cent of the vote.

History: This riding was considered a Liberal stronghold prior to Mulcair’s win in a 2007 by-election. The last conservative elected here was PC Jean-Pierre Hogue, who lasted just one term from 1988-1993.


Liberal: Rachel Bendayan (Incumbent)

Bloc Québécois: Célia Grimard

Green: Daniel Green

NDP: Andrea Clarke

Conservative: Jasmine Louras

PPC: Sabin Levesque

Rhinoceros: Mark John Hiemstra


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