2019 Canada election results: Waterloo

Liberal MP Bardish Chagger has been re-elected by voters in the riding of Waterloo.

She was firs elected to office in 2015, when she handily defeated Conservative challenger Peter Braid and NDP candidate Diane Freeman in the 2015 election.

The Waterloo riding was revived in 2013 following the decision to increase electoral districts from 308 to 338.

The riding, which consists mostly of the City of Waterloo, also includes the portion of Kitchener lying north of the CN Rail line and northeast of Conestoga Parkway.

The Waterloo district is home to 110,134 people.


Liberals: Bardish Chagger (Incumbent)
Conservatives: Jerry Zhang
NDP: Lori Campbell
Green: Kirsten Wright
PPC: Erika Traub


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