2019 Canada election results: Carleton

Global News has declared incumbent Pierre Poilievre of the Conservative Party as the winner in the riding of Carleton.


Liberals: Chris Rodgers
Conservatives: Pierre Poilievre (Incumbent)
NDP: Kevin Hua
Green: Gordon Kubanek
PPC: Alain Musende

Carleton is a Conservative riding through and through as the party has held the seat in all but one federal election since its inception in 1867.

The boundaries for the riding extend to Highway 7 in the northwest and to the Ottawa International Airport in the northeast and then to Gregoire Road in the east, Belmeade Road in the southeast, Donnelly Drive in the southwest and Montague Boundary Road in the west.

One of the first ridings created during Confederation it was a part of the political landscape of Ottawa up until 1963 when it was split into and shared with several other ridings. In 2015, the riding was recreated as part of the Fair Representations Act, 2011.

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In 2015, the riding saw a heavy voter turnout with 81 per cent of eligible voters hitting the poles.

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