Main-street development in Strathearn Heights back before Edmonton councillors

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April 29: It's going to be a long construction season for people living and working in Edmonton's Strathearn area. 95 Avenue in the neighbourhood is closed, as crews are tackling LRT work slated to last until the end of November. Kendra Slugoski reports.

Edmonton’s Strathearn Heights community could look a lot different in the future, if councillors decide to create a main street-style development on 88 Street.

A new report puts the ball in city council’s court — if there’s an appetite to contribute $13 million in road and other upgrades for a town hub development along the Valley Line LRT.

The proposal was first talked about two years ago.

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Now it will be up to council’s executive committee to make a decision.

Next week, members will hear from developers who want to tear down dozens of two-and-a-half-storey 1950s-era walk-up apartments and replace them with 1,900 units of mid- and high-rise apartment buildings.

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The big question remains: will council approve coughing up additional money to turn 88 Street into a town centre “main street” for the overall transit-oriented complex off 95 Avenue.

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The sticking point, however, is that the city doesn’t really have any rules or guidelines to help city council make the decision.

The worry is that if they say yes to this, other developers will want the same treatment.

Watch below (Dec. 21, 2018): Some residents of an Edmonton community that’s had its main street torn up because of LRT construction are expressing frustration. Vinesh Pratap explains what’s happening in Strathearn.

LRT construction frustrates some Strathearn residents
LRT construction frustrates some Strathearn residents