Alberta’s lengthy road test scheduling process faces new roadblocks

Calgary family blames multiple bookings and technical glitch for road test delay
WATCH: Albertans continue to face lengthy delays for road tests, and some are blaming multiple bookings and technical problems. Global’s Tomasia DaSilva explains what the province is doing to fix both.

There’s been a lot of stop-and-go when it comes to scheduling a road test in Alberta — mostly stop.

Now some people are blaming bulk or multiple bookings. Calgary mom Denise D’Arcy is one of them.

“People double-booking or booking five road tests for their children. In case they fail one, they have four others booked,” D’Arcy said.

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D’Arcy said that is part of what is keeping her son, 17-year-old Shane, from getting an appointment.

Road test delays are driving frustration in Alberta.
Road test delays are driving frustration in Alberta. Global News

He was supposed to have a road test coming up in late September, but due to a technical issue, it was cancelled.

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Their attempts to get a new date have stalled.

The Ministry of Transportation told Global News: “The department has become aware of this [multiple booking] issue and has recently updated the booking system to allow a maximum of two bookings per person in the system at any one time.”

The D’Arcys aren’t alone in their frustration.

Registries, students and some driver examiners are reporting lengthy waits to book driver exams.

On March 1, the province took over all driver licence road tests in Alberta. Before that, certified examiners operated as private contractors. Drivers booked tests with a registry, which called in an examiner.

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The new UCP government has confirmed it is reviewing the current driver examination system.

Alberta Transportation also confirmed the technical glitch the D’Arcys experienced.

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“The Alberta Road Test Scheduler recently experienced some technical difficulties during online scheduling — bookings appeared complete and generated a payment receipt but the appointments weren’t being logged into the system. The problem was detected and resolved, however, as a result, it has been necessary to refund some appointments.”

Alberta’s road test scheduler was fixed following technical difficulties.
Alberta’s road test scheduler was fixed following technical difficulties. Global News

It is encouraging Albertans, like the D’Arcys, to check back regularly for new times.

“We’ve gone on two, six, eight times a day,” D’Arcy said. “There’s been nothing within a 100 mile radius of Calgary. We’ve gone into Okotoks [and] High River. We went into Olds.”

Shane will have to wait to get on the road by himself — something he’s not too happy about.

“It’s just disappointing because I was hoping to have everything settled before I went back to school,” he said. “I want to get my own car so I can go places and do stuff with friends and not rely on other people.”

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