Class-action lawsuit filed against estate of Fredericton massage therapist accused of voyeurism

Click to play video: 'Class action lawsuit filed against estate of Fredericton massage therapist' Class action lawsuit filed against estate of Fredericton massage therapist
WATCH: The estate of Pierre Charles Wust, a massage therapist, is being sued after police found videos of patients during treatments – Jul 18, 2019

A class-action lawsuit has been filed against the estate of Fredericton massage therapist Pierre Charles Wust, who police say covertly filmed patients during massage therapy treatments.

Pamela Joi Moxon, a patient of Wust’s, recalls the conversation in which police informed her of the videotapes.

“The officer called me about my daughter and said it was a now-deceased massage therapist who had videotaped her, and I said: ‘Pierre?’ And she said yes, and I said: ‘He was my massage therapist for seven years,'” said Moxon.

Police are asking former patients of Wust to come forward.

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“The Fredericton police department has identified upwards of 100 women who were secretly videotaped by Mr. Wust,” said John McKiggan of McKiggan Hebert Lawyers.

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Lori Wheeler says she was friends with Wust and was vacationing with her husband in Ireland when Fredericton police called her to come in and identify herself on film.

“I knew Pierre and I trusted Pierre so to learn that was a slap in the face,” said Wheeler.

Bridget Ann Thornton says she only went to Wust on one occasion and that she felt uncomfortable as soon as she stepped in the treatment room.

“My gut feeling was to just leave. Instead, I felt too guilty, I felt bad I made the appointment, took his time — it just goes to show you need to trust your instincts,” said Thornton.

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Wust was employed by Myoflex Rejuvenation Clinic from 2006 until his death.

He passed away on Jan. 10, 2019 due to complications from multiple sclerosis. The executor of the estate then discovered the videos and photos.

At this time, police have identified and notified around 40 women, but there are over 100 women in the videos.

“They are still struggling to identify many of the women on these video tapes,” said McKiggan.

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Some of the unsuspecting patients were minors. Moxon’s daughter was just 15 at the time.

“She already suffers from anxiety and depression so she’s already been to see her mental health therapist last week after she found out,” Moxon said.

Bridget Ann Thornton, Pamela Joi Moxon and Lori Wheeler were all videotaped during massage treatments. Megan Yamoah / Global News

“I’ve had a lot of moments of breakdowns. I’d see someone that looked like him or I’d hear an accent that reminded me of him; it’s been a rough week,” said Wheeler.

Now, there is a worry he may have shared the videos with others online.

“He wasn’t creating a yearbook, he wasn’t creating a scrapbook for his patients, he was doing this for sexual purposes, taking naked pictures videotapes of women without their permission,” said McKiggan.

In a statement, police confirmed they are investigating a complaint of voyeurism against a deceased individual and say they’re confident there is no further risk to the public.

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Police are currently in the process of contacting any potential victims.

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