Opening of Moncton’s new Centennial Beach pool delayed due to wet weather

Moncton’s New Centennial pool opening delayed
WATCH: Wet weather means that construction at the site of a new pool has been delayed by a few more weeks. Shelley Steeves explains.

It was one of the hottest days of the summer when Moncton resident Angela Carter and her daughter visited the construction site of the new Centennial Beach pool in Moncton, which was supposed to open by the end of July.

The mother and her young daughter couldn’t help but be a little disappointed.

“They seem like they are not near to their finish date which is unfortunate because we were really looking forward to bringing this little one to the pool,” said Carter who was looking at the unfinished site.

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Just over a week ago the City of Moncton announced that construction at the site was delayed by a few weeks due to wet weather.

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The city said that the final coating on the pool surface and much of the landscaping can’t be completed in wet conditions.

This past week there were even more weather delays said Jocelyn Cohoon, Moncton’s Director of Parks and Leisure Services.

“It will be at least another three weeks of construction at that site” and up to another two weeks after that before it’s ready to be open to the public said Cohoon.

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On Wednesday, a new concrete slab poured at the site was being ripped up and replaced because it didn’t meet construction specs and while the city said that would not further delay the project, Cohoon said that it could be mid to late August before the pool is open to the public.

“We have to commission the pool regardless, so the pool will be filled, it will be tested and we are going to open that facility to the public as soon as it is ready,” she said.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the city there was a more refreshing sight. Moncton City Councillor Shawn Crossman jumped into the new east end pool that is slated to officially open on Saturday.

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“It’s been a long five years for this project with many obstacles, but I am glad it’s opening this weekend,” said Crossman.

Crossman and residents in the east end fought with the city for years to have a new pool built to replace the old one which was no longer structurally sound.

The new 2.3 million dollar pool came in on budget said Cohoon, and includes a small splash pad and access for people with mobility issues.

The facility can accommodate 200 swimmers.