Consuming cannabis at Country Thunder? Here’s what you need to know

Click to play video: 'Consuming pot at Country Thunder? What you need to know' Consuming pot at Country Thunder? What you need to know
WATCH: Country music lovers are gearing up for Saskatchewan's largest music festival and while many have stocked up on booze, some are wondering where cannabis falls after legalization. – Jul 10, 2019

When it comes to alcohol at Country Thunder, it’s allowed on individual campsites and within certain areas of the grounds — but the rules around cannabis are a bit more hazy.

“We don’t have a policy, per se. Because of the legalization, everyone’s world has changed,” director of marketing and sales Gerry Krochak said.

“We have two designated smoking areas, we do not have designated cannabis areas.”

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Krochak added the same laws apply when it comes to smoking pot in public — it just isn’t allowed under Saskatchewan’s Cannabis Control Act.

“This is a family event, especially the main concert bowl and main street. Most people don’t even smoke cigarettes in those cases, so we would hope they would exercise the same level of respect,” Krochak said.

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But when it comes to the campground, Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA) says sites are considered private, making it legal to consume cannabis.

In a release, Saskatchewan RCMP said:

“The regulations governing the use of cannabis are very similar to those governing the consumption of alcohol. Therefore, those who wish to use cannabis will need to limit their use to their campsites. Also, all other regulations governing cannabis must be followed.

“For example, not driving while impaired, age and possession limits, purchasing from a licensed retailer. It is important to note that selling or buying illicit cannabis is still illegal.”

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Other Canadian events like Edmonton’s Folk Music Fest welcomes weed smokers in designated areas, as well as Big Valley Jamboree in Camrose, Alta., which also allows people to smoke pot in designated areas.

It’s something Saskatchewan festivals aren’t authorized to do. The SLGA told Global News:

“Festivals cannot designate public areas where cannabis can be consumed,” the SLGA told Global News in a release. “Current rules in Saskatchewan do not allow for permits to be issued that would allow cannabis to be consumed in public areas.”

Although there is no indication that will change any time soon, it doesn’t seem to bother many of the festival-goers already setting up in anticipation of Thursday’s kick-off.

SGI is offering free bus service from Regina and Moose Jaw every day of the festival from Thursday until Sunday.

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