Beausoleil First Nation hosting annual powwow this weekend

At a past powwow held by Beausoleil First Nation.
At a past powwow held by Beausoleil First Nation. Courtesy Dave Andrew Sylvester/Beausoleil First Nation

Beausoleil First Nation will be hosting its annual powwow on Saturday and Sunday at the Chimnissing powwow grounds in Christian Island, Ont.

“It’s just the excitement of getting together as a people, and part of our tradition is the gathering of singers and dancers and coming together,” said Allan Manitowabi, arena director of the powwow. “That’s what makes it unique every year.”

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The powwow will include songs, drumming and dances. A sacred fire will also be lit for offering tobacco and prayers.

“A lot of it will be intertribal dancing and singing, along with demonstrations of the different categories … of dancing so everything from traditional to contemporary-style dancing,” Manitowabi said. “It’s the sharing of our culture, our way of life and sharing of song and dance because that’s what brings all people together.”

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The event also includes different vendors and dinner.

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According to Manitowabi, more than 500 people usually attend the powwow throughout the day.

“Everyone comes together and shares everything,” he said.

Rough camping is offered at no charge, with toilets and water available.

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Grand entry will happen at 1 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

All are welcome, and admission is by donation of a non-perishable food item.

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