3 Winnipeg neighbourhoods experiencing higher population of cankerworms, city says

A cankerworm. Government of Canada

Cankerworms — the green worms you see hanging from trees in Winnipeg — have started popping up around the city, but officials say there are some neighbourhoods that are seeing them more than others.

According to the City of Winnipeg, if you live in the west end, River Heights or North Kildonan, there are more cankerworms in your neighbourhood than the rest of Winnipeg.

The city says the cankerworm population has been low in previous years as the insects live in cycles, however their number has begun to increase this year, causing the population of forest tent caterpillars to decrease.

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The city says the number of cankerworms in the city is still considered normal except for the isolated pockets in the three above-mentioned neighbourhoods.

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To prevent cankerworms in future, city officials suggest banding your trees with an insect barrier such as Tanglefoot in mid-September.

The City of Winnipeg controls forest tent caterpillars and cankerworms on city-owned trees by spraying for them in rotations.

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