Montreal amateur eSports enthusiasts battle it out at Red Bull Player One tournament

Montreal hosted a Canadian amateur gaming competition on Saturday. Brayden Jagger Haines

Montreal’s newest public video gaming establishment, Esports Central Arena, hosted its first major tournament Saturday since opening in May.

Hundreds of amateur gamers and eSports enthusiasts sat in front of computer screens lining the dimly lit room to partake in the Red Bull Player One tournament. Canada’s best amateur duellists battled it out in a one-on-one League of Legends round-robin tournament.

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Montreal is the only North American stop on the worldwide tour.

Players fought to earn prize money and a chance to represent Canada at the world championship in Brazil this December. The winners of the tournament will also receive coaching from professional League of Legends players.

The Red Bull one-on-one event allows players who are not currently in the professional or semi-professional league to participate.

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Prize money for winners varied and went as high as $1,000.

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Esports Central brand ambassador Anthony Côté said the event was a success for the new Montreal gaming establishment. He hopes the venue will be able to host more international tournaments.

Côté said Montreal has a growing gaming industry and hosting amateur events such as Player One allows locals to dabble in competitive gaming.

“It gives them a chance to play against the better players that are not in the pro scene but gives an experience of the pro scene,” Côté said.

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