Motorcyclist dies in freak accident after lightning strikes his helmet

North Carolina motorcyclist dead after lightning strikes helmet
WATCH: North Carolina motorcyclist dead after lightning strikes helmet on Florida highway

WARNING: This post contains a graphic image. 

A North Carolina man is dead after his helmet was struck by lightning in Florida while he was riding down the interstate, according to authorities.

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The 45-year-old unidentified man was struck on Sunday on a highway in Volusia County, ABC affiliate WFTV9 reported.

Following the crash, the Florida Highway Patrol posted a photo of the man’s helmet on social media, saying that the lightning had shattered it.

“This is what’s left of a 45 year old [sic] man’s helmet after he was struck by lightning, while riding his motorcycle southbound, on I-95 in Volusia County this afternoon. Unfortunately he did not survive the crash,” authorities wrote.
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Police added the strike happened just before 3 p.m. local time.

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According to Florida State University, Florida is known as the “lightning capital” of the U.S. Tampa Bay gets the highest number of lightning strikes, while experts suggest the chance of being struck by lightning in the state is one in 3,000 over a lifetime.

In addition, 16 per cent of the average lightning fatalities in the U.S. happen in Florida.

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In 2018, the state reported the highest density of lightning strikes, WCTV TV reported.

The Vaisala and the National Lightning Detection Network recorded a total of 1,385,710 strikes last year, including seven lightning fatalities.