City of Kitchener seeking volunteers for task force on equity, diversity and inclusion

The City of Kitchener is seeking volunteers to join a task force aimed at promoting equity, diversity and inclusion in the city. Nick Westoll / File / Global News

The City of Kitchener is looking for 15 volunteers for the mayor’s task force on equity, diversity and inclusion.

“Kitchener is continuously growing and becoming increasingly diverse, and along with that comes a wide range of diverse perspectives and ideas,” Mayor Berry Vrbanovic said. “I’m excited to see how we can learn from one another and leverage all of those ideas and insights through this task force — and beyond — to create a better, more caring and inclusive city for everyone who calls Kitchener home.”

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The citizen volunteers will be joined on the task force by people from local community organizations, city staff and council members.

The group will be tasked with developing a strategy that focuses on helping those who are traditionally underrepresented have a voice in Kitchener’s decision-making.

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It will also look at ways to improve municipal service delivery and make the city’s workplace more inclusive.

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Additionally, the task force will explore how best to celebrate the diversity of Kitchener’s population.

“We’re looking for community members who are open to different perspectives and willing to share their input and ideas,” Vrbanovic said.

Those interested in joining the task force can submit an online application or contact the to request an alternative application, if necessary.

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