Mistrial declared in Jamie Bacon murder plot trial

Click to play video: 'Mistrial declared in Jamie Bacon trial' Mistrial declared in Jamie Bacon trial
WATCH: After two days, the jury tasked with deciding the fate of Jamie Bacon came back deadlocked. A mistrial has been declared. Nadia Stewart has more – May 26, 2019

Jamie Bacon has avoided a life sentence, at least for now.

A mistrial has been declared in the case against the notorious B.C. gang member, who was accused of orchestrating the attempted murder of Dennis Karbovanec in 2008.

The jury reached a deadlock Saturday after two days of deliberations, which came after a 10-week trial that heard from both the gunman and the witness who lured Karbovanec to the crime scene.

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Jamie Bacon trial nearing end – May 23, 2019

B.C. Supreme Court Justice Catherine Wedge ordered the jury to continue talking after they came to her without a decision Saturday afternoon, but no progress was made after that.

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Bacon was facing one count of conspiracy to commit murder, which carries a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Crown says a date has already been set for a new trial, which will start June 14 at 10 a.m.

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The court heard Bacon and Karbovanec were longtime friends and associates in the drug trade, but that Bacon had begun to question Karbovanec’s focus on their operation.

The shooter — who can only be identified as “CD” due to a sweeping publication ban — testified Bacon ordered the hit to erase CD’s $20,000 drug debt.

A second witness identified only as “AB” testified he lured Karbovonec to a Mission cul-de-sac, but CD’s gun jammed.

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Click to play video: 'Trial begins for notorious alleged criminal Jamie Bacon' Trial begins for notorious alleged criminal Jamie Bacon
Trial begins for notorious alleged criminal Jamie Bacon – Feb 4, 2019

Karbovonec fled, but was hit in the back and a bullet grazed his face. He managed to survive his injuries.

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The gun was thrown in a nearby creek, and sat there for nearly 10 years before a child found it while playing.

Both CD and AB have escaped prosecution by agreeing to testify against Bacon, despite admitting to their roles in the shooting.

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Defence argued those immunity deals were precisely why their testimony couldn’t be relied on, telling the court Bacon was only being used as an excuse to reduce the witnesses’ responsibility.

Lawyer Kevin Drolet told the court during closing arguments Wednesday that there was never any plan to murder Karbovonec, arguing the shooting was too inept to be coordinated by anyone.

Wedge’s 45 pages of instructions to the jury Thursday included a warning to be wary of the two witnesses’ testimony, saying it should only be considered if it’s backed up by independent testimony.

Crown admitted while wrapping its case Tuesday that mistakes were made by police during the investigation.

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