Papineau métro station reopens

A Montreal Metro sign.
The Papineau station on the Montreal Metro's green line has been closed indefinitely for temporary work. Amanda Kelly/Global News

The Papineau station on the Montreal métro’s Green Line has reopened after emergency work on the mezzanine level forced its closure.

“Since the emergency work has been successfuly done, Papineau métro station is now reopen. Bus service is also back to its regular route,” the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) tweeted.

The station was closed for several hours before it reopened. While work was being done, a shuttle bus was available to commuters while other buses were relocated to Frontenac station.


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This comes a few months after the closure of Beaudry station on the métro’s Green Line for major refurbishment works.

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Beaudry station is expected to be reopened June 2.