Vancouver Island man dubbed ‘the bunny whisperer’ after coaxing 6 babies from under his home

Click to play video: 'Vancouver Island man goes viral as the ‘bunny whisperer’' Vancouver Island man goes viral as the ‘bunny whisperer’
WATCH: A Vancouver Island man is going viral with his unbearably adorable video of his close encounter with some baby bunnies – May 17, 2019

A Vancouver Island man has gone viral after earning an adorable new nickname: “the bunny whisperer.”

Chris Beerling was caught on video coaxing six baby bunnies out from under his Ladysmith home last week, and the cuteness overload was quickly submitted to the Weather Network where it took off online.

Beerling told Global News Friday he was putting some belongings into his crawl space when he saw a mother bunny staring at him.

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“I went over to investigate and there were six bunnies sitting there,” he said.

“I figured if I made some funny noises towards them they’d come to me, and the rest was history.”

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The video shows the tiny creatures slowly coming towards Beerling as he puts his head to their level and makes a series of clicking sounds.

Soon enough, all the bunnies are at his fingertips, with some of them inching even closer.

“It was almost a nervous moment for me just watching these little things come towards me,” Beerling said.

“They were climbing on the backs of my hands, and I was trying not to touch them but they were so cute. One of them came and nuzzled my nose. It was pretty neat.”

Beerling said his kids got to enjoy the moment as well, even inspiring them to ask for a bunny to officially join the family.

“I don’t know about that,” he said. “But we’ll see.”

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It turns out the encounter was just a one-off: Beerling said the next day the bunnies wouldn’t come out at all, before leaving entirely a couple of days later.

There’s hope the bunny whisperer may be able to work his magic again, however.

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“The mom bunny is still there, but she looks to be getting bigger, so we may have a new crop soon,” Beerling said.

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