‘They’re an attraction’: Vancouver’s cat cafe runs out of cats, pivots to bunnies

Vancouver’s cat cafe transforms into a bunny bar
The Catfe ran out of cats in December, so it partnered with a local rabbit rescue group to try and find forever homes for some bunnies.

Since it opened three years ago, Vancouver’s cat cafe, the Catfe, has been a smashing success — even attracting superstar singer Adele at one point.

The establishment, which serves up coffees and treats — along with a chance to snuggle with kitties — partners with the BC SPCA to help adopt out cats in need of a forever home.

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The service has been so successful, it has at points run out of cats — as it did earlier in December.

But instead of closing the doors, the Catfe hopped sideways, pivoting to bunnies.

WATCH: Adele pays a visit to a cat cafe in Vancouver

Adele pays a visit to a cat cafe in Vancouver
Adele pays a visit to a cat cafe in Vancouver

In a partnership with the Rabbitats Rescue Society, the Catfe has been featuring adoptable rabbits in need of a home, an event so popular it has been extended almost to the end of the month.

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“We’ve been rescuing bunnies for a long time and we’ve been trying to promote sanctuaries and colonies of bunnies,” said Rabbitats founder Sorelle Saidman.

“We’ve actually just started to do the more ‘bunny-as-an-attraction’ events, where people can come and de-stress by ‘meet and treats,'” Saidman said. “They can come and treat the bunnies and the bunnies love it and the people love it.”

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Under the partnership, visitors can pet the bunnies and feed them a treat of kale, greens and apple for a donation.

But Saidman says she’s also hopeful the event will resonate with people and help some of the rabbits find a new home.

WATCH: Catfe marks 1-year anniversary

Catfe marks 1-year anniversary
Catfe marks 1-year anniversary

“Right now we have a whole whack of abandoned rabbits all over the Lower Mainland. The municipalities, nobody knows what to do with them,” she said. “They don’t belong out there.

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“They can be rounded up and they can be contained in a lovely little environment where people can come and see them. They’re not a pest, they’re an attraction.”

The rabbit cafe runs until Dec. 30, and the Catfe will be back to featuring its normal feline guests come January.