Adele comes to Vancouver and visits the cat cafe

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Adele pays a visit to a cat cafe in Vancouver
In Vancouver for a few days to perform, singer Adele took some time for herself and stopped by a local cafe with some unique clients. Jordan Armstrong has the rest – Jul 20, 2016

Adele is in Vancouver for two shows, on Wednesday and Thursday, but before she took the stage she had already delighted some fans in the city.

On Tuesday night, the famous singer paid a visit to Vancouver’s cat cafe, the Catfe, and the establishment tweeted out that she fell in love with Larry, the cat.

“Adele showed up, last night,” said Leona Morrison, a purrista at Catfe. “We had no idea she was coming.”

“We were overfull and then there was Adele.”

Morrison said she didn’t recognize the singer at first and was about to tell her she looked like Adele, when she said she actually is the famous crooner and asked to come in for 10 minutes.

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“She was with her son and someone else and they came in and found Larry and gave him some pats and they were here quickly and then just left,” she added.

Larry, who has now been adopted and was spoken for before Adele’s visit, was more than happy to receive the affection.

“Larry is a very sweet boy,” said Morrison. “He is the sort of cat who will rub your face, who is very friendly with everybody. He’s just a nice cat, he was taken into the SPCA as a stray.”

The other cats are not too impressed with Larry’s newfound attention, however.

Morrison said they were surprised but very pleased Adele would choose to visit their facility during her time in Vancouver.

“We’re just thrilled that she would come by and honoured and grateful.”

The Catfe has been open for seven months and they have facilitated 160 adoptions.

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