Scotty the T. Rex featured on ‘CBS This Morning’

CBS correspondent Jamie Yuccas paid a visit to the Royal Saskatchewan Museum ahead of the opening of the dinosaur's display. CBS This Morning

Scotty the famous Saskatchewan T. rex had his 15 minutes of fame Wednesday, as he made his CBS This Morning debut.

He was featured on the show during a live hit via CBS correspondent Jamie Yuccas, two days ahead of the opening of Scotty’s display at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum.

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“Great Scott!” could be seen written across the bottom of the screen during a five-minute feature on Scotty.

The feature included anchors Gayle King, Norah O’Donnell, and John Dickerson bantering about Scotty and throwing back to Yuccas regarding the dinosaur’s gender.

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An article on Scotty was also shared across CBS platforms.

Scotty is the largest T. rex to ever roam the earth, according to a study done by University of Alberta paleontologists. Scott Persons, who led the study, was also interviewed in the CBS feature. He led the team that reconstructed Scotty.

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The original site where Scotty was found in Eastend, Sask., opens to the public this Saturday, and will remain open until Labour Day.

The display of Scotty at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum will be open to the public beginning Friday.

Regina put on the map as Scotty the famous T. rex featured on CBS This Morning May 15, 2019. CBS This Morning

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