Calgary flower show enthusiasts put the bloom on Mother’s Day: ‘Something magical!’

Click to play video: 'Calgary flower show enthusiasts put the bloom on Mother’s Day: ‘Something magical!’'
Calgary flower show enthusiasts put the bloom on Mother’s Day: ‘Something magical!’
WATCH ABOVE: Chances are you might be stopping by to pick up some flowers this Mother’s Day weekend. And if you’re looking for some tips on what kind to go with, we’ve found some Calgarians who really know a thing or two about petalled presents. Here’s Gil Tucker – May 10, 2019

The Mother’s Day celebration is in full bloom at a Calgary flower show this weekend, with dedicated growers eager to promote their plants as the perfect gift for mom.

About 50 people have their plants on display at the Stampede City African Violet Society’s annual show and sale.

For many of the society’s members, it’s a welcome sign that winter is finally over.

“[The plants] just tend to know when spring is coming and that triggers them into blooming,” Winston Goretsky said.
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Goretsky and his fellow flower enthusiasts are enjoying the chance to introduce show visitors to many of the approximately 10,000 varieties of the African Violet family.

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“There’s something magical!” Isabelle Emery said. “And I find that really exciting!”

The event provides a nice opportunity for people to pick up a perfect, petaled present for Mother’s Day.

“We typically try to grow these towards the Mother’s Day weekend,” Goretsky said. “Because it’s a traditional type of gift to buy for Mother’s Day, something blooming.”

And the growers say a living plant will brighten up mom’s life far beyond her special day.

“If you just get cut flowers they die very quickly,” Goretsky said. “An African Violet will live a lot longer, and so you can enjoy it for many, many months, if not years.”

And if you can’t make it to their show and sale, society members point out that as one of Canada’s most popular houseplants, African Violets are widely available at supermarkets and home supply stores, making it easy to pick up one as a gift.

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“When you give that plant to mothers, they’re always thrilled,” Ed Moston said. “And then when it reblooms, they automatically think of you. That’s the eternal part of that flower, the connection.”

The African Violet show and sale runs Friday, May 10 and Saturday, May 11 at The Village: Brentwood’s Lifestyle Centre in northwest Calgary.

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