‘Lil yellow house’ for sale becomes viral rap video thanks to Toronto realtor

The house featured in the video "Li'l Yellow House," which is located at 119 Coxwell Ave.
The house featured in the video "Li'l Yellow House," which is located at 119 Coxwell Ave. Arty Basinski/ Real Estate By Bike

There’s a new rapper hitting the streets of Toronto, however, his lyrics are all about houses.

Arty Basinski of Real Estate By Bike is behind the widely viewed rap video “Lil Yellow House,” which features a virtual tour of the home and neighborhood. Viewers can listen to the catchy lyrics while getting all of the details of the semi-detached bungalow just north of Dundas St. E.

Basinski told Global News Thursday he’s been in the real estate business for seven years and a musician for 20.

“That’s why I got into real estate because music wasn’t paying the bills. It’s kind of funny I could be considered a paid artist now because of this whole thing,” said Basinski.

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He said he got the idea to combine his artistic side with real estate after searching for a domain name for the house.

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“I wanted to get but that was taken. was not taken so I bought the domain,” said Basinski.

That led him to the idea of creating a mini rap parody about the Lil yellow house in the Beaches.

“I wanted it to be cheesy but professional cheesy,” he said.

The houses living room.
The houses living room. Arty Basinski/ Real Estate By Bike
The houses bedroom.
The houses bedroom. Arty Basinski/ Real Estate By Bike
The houses kitchen.
The houses kitchen. Arty Basinski/ Real Estate By Bike
The houses bathroom.
The houses bathroom. Arty Basinski/ Real Estate By Bike

Basinski said after he got the idea he created the lyrics within a night.

“I’m not a rapper by any means. There was a lot of rhyming dictionary happening,” said the Toronto realtor.

He also included the homeowner in the process who appears in the music video and sings the hook.

“She’s a quirky person kind of like me so she was definitely into the idea,” said Basinski. ” I think after the media attention it got it’s definitely going to be more easy to push that (with other clients).”

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The viral video now has almost 23,000 views on YouTube. The musician turned real estate agent said that since the video came out there has been a lot of interest in the house. It’s listed at $499,000 which Basinski said is one of the most affordable houses in Toronto right now.

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“I don’t know if it’s the rap video or the fact that it’s affordable that’s bringing people in,” he said.

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Basinski plans on continuing to combine both his career and hobby with future clients. He explained every house has its own personality so he won’t necessarily be rapping every time.

“It was great I had the opportunity to do this with a client and be able to express my artistic side in a fun way,” said Basinski. “As cliche as it sounds if you be yourself good things will come.”

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He said homeowners that want to collaborate on selling their homes in a unique and creative way should call him.

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“I would love to do this and I think it’s going to become a trend for myself,” said Basinski.