Ship that sank in 1985 likely source of small oil slicks off Newfoundland

Reports of oiled seabirds in the Change Islands and Fogo Island area in Newfoundland having been coming in since March 31st after oil began leaking from beneath waters off the coast. Canadian Coast Guard spokesperson says the oil is coming from a ship that sank in 1985. Google Maps

ST. JOHN’S, N.L. – The coast guard says it’s likely that a sunken ship is the source of small oil slicks that have been spotted near a group of islands off northeastern Newfoundland.

Coast guard spokesman Robert Grant says sonar images and photos taken by a remotely operated submersible vehicle confirm oil is coming from the cracked hull of the Manolis L.

The Liberian-flagged ship sank in Notre Dame Bay on Jan 17, 1985.

Sonar images show the overturned hull on the bottom of the bay, not far from a small island known as Blow Hard Rock.

Grant says photos taken by the submersible show oil slowly leaking from two cracks in the ship’s hull.

He says the coast guard and other federal agencies are determining if the hull can be patched.


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